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fuck fuck fuck

2008-10-21 07:58:33 by DekapitatoR

This is a pretty important matter, i need to change my name since there is a band called dekapitator that i didn't know about when i took this alias, i've already pm:d wade about this but he must've ignored my message. It wouldn't be such a bad thing but i actually upload music to newgrounds under the name dekapitator, so it feels pretty dumb to have accidentally stolen a name of a band and make music with it. SO can anyone help me change my alias?!??

Oh , i have new song uploaded also, so go listen it, hope you enjoy!

fuck fuck fuck


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2008-11-17 00:52:19

You could always be the Recapitator.


2009-05-21 16:33:46

y u still here


2010-07-19 10:15:59